Latest news:

December 07, 2017
Pegasus Flight Center received a Variation Approval CY.145.005 for new aircraft Types and workshops by Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation.

Aircraft Operation / Flights.

Whether you are looking to fly to a specific destination or you are looking for a short pleasure flight or even if you require the use of an aircraft for any personal or professional reason we can assist.

We have a number of aircraft available for rent with or without crew depending on the Department of Civil Aviation regulations and your objectives. Please call us on (+357) 95 550505 for further information.

Some of the reasons our customers have used Pegasus Flight Ltd:

  • Group short trip to Lebanon.
  • Pleasure flights between airports within Cyprus.
  • Short flights for aerial photography.
  • Third party support can be give like Handling for foreign aircrafts, crew & passengers transportation inside airport area.