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December 07, 2017
Pegasus Flight Center received a Variation Approval CY.145.005 for new aircraft Types and workshops by Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation.

About Us.

The company is headed by Mr. Panos Neocleous Department of Civil Aviation Accountable Manager and the Maintenance Department.

Mr. Panos Neocleous

Panos is a qualified CPL/IR Commercial Pilot who has also worked in all areas of the airline business. He is a holder of various Part 66 B1 - B3 / FAA A&P Maintenenance Qualifications and has practiced Tecnical Records, Planning Maintenance, Audit, Management and Stores for airlines for more than 10 years. He has owned and operated various light airfraft over the years.


Pegasus Flight Center Ltd.
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2365 Ayios Dometios,

Tel. (+357) 95 550505
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